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Map-Best-of-Indochina-BurmaMT001  SPIRIT OF INDO CHINA
The very best in 26 days
Four SE Asia countries

Although we combine tours, this one is custom made for customers to see the highlights of South East Asia. We hope that after this exclusive tour, you will want to return to the area and explore your favourite places in more detail.

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Ho Chi Minh
Can Tho
Siem Reap
Luang Prabang
Halong Bay
Danang – Hoian



3 Days in Siem Reap (3 nights)
Siem Reap is home to the ancient city of Angkor, one of the ‘must see’ sights the world.
Over 800 years old, a large chunk of the city is still standing, the rest still undergoing rigorous restoration.
The city covers an area of 50km but we will focus on the centre Borealis.
One full day at Angkor. Other visits include: Cambodian Cultural Centre, War Museum, Silk Farm, Cambodian Dancing and Buffet
Note: Tour commences in Bangkok where a full day is taken driving to the border and on to Siam Reap.
If you prefer to fly (40 minutes) please choose the next tour.

2 Days in Siem Reap

As above but you will fly to Siem Reap from Bangkok in the afternoon. 



LA100 North-East Laos
5 Days
Fly Bangkok to Vientiane
One day sightseeing Vientiane
Day 2: Bus to Vang Vieng, a small village at the base of some beautiful mountains. Tube rafting, kayaking and mountain path walk available.
Day 3-5: Bus to Luang Prabang, national heritage city on the banks of the Mekon River.
Day 5: Afternoon. Fly to Bangkok.

5 Days in North-East Laos

Start Ventiane (can combine with Isaan Tour)
One day sightseeing Vientiane
Day 2: Bus to Vang Vieng, a small village at the base of some beautiful mountains. Tube rafting, kayaking and mountain path walk available.
Day 3-5: Bus to Luang Prabang, national heritage city on the banks of the Mekon River.
Day 5: Afternoon. Fly to Vientiane.


A long weekend in Vientiane, Laos by the Mekon river.
Leave Friday evening. Arrive 7am next morning in Nong Kai. Cross over the Bridge and check in to Laos immigration, then taxi to Vientiane for nearly 2 days exploration. Return with the late train back to Bangkok to arrive early Monday morning.

ออกเดินทางเย็นวันศุกร์จาก กรุงเทพ ถึงลาว ประมานเจ็ดโมงเช้า แท๊กซี่ เข้าที่พักที่เวียงจันทร์ เกือบสองวันเต็มกับการเต็มอิ่มท่องเที่ยว 


4 Days in Laos, Luang Prabang

Start Chiang Mai, Thailand
6 hour bus to Luang Prabang, Laos
Day 2-4: Luang Prabang
Day 5: Morning – fly to Bangkok



These are particularly popular with working Thais who are able to take the weekend off from work.
We start late Friday afternoon and fly back to Bangkok late evening on Sunday.

A Weekend in Yangon (Rangoon)

Friday evening: fly Bangkok to Yangon
Sunday night: fly Yangon to Bangkok
This an excellent opportunity for Thais to discover another buddhist country and wonderful temples like Schewadeggon. There is a lot to see here and you will have almost two days to discover them, with or without a Thai guide. This is optional. You set out late friday and return late Sunday with wonderful memories.

สองวัน หนึ่งคืน ที่ย่างกุ้ง
เย็นวันศุกร์ บินสู่ดอนเมือง บินสู่ย่างกุ้ง
เปิดประสบการณ์การเดินทางไปกันฃบเมืองชาวพุทธ พระมหาเจดีย์ชเวดากอง และอีกมากมาย กับไกด์ที่พูดภาษาไทยได้
คืนวันอาทิตย์ บินกลับไทย บินกลับบ้าน พร้อมความประทับใจไม่รู้ลืม

A Weekend in Mandalay

Friday evening: fly Bangkok to Mandalay
Sunday night: fly Yangon to Bangkok
Like the tour above this is a good tour for those who have the weekend free. Mandalay has many sights and you will be enthralled at what can be achieved in just two days, including the circle line train, Mandalay Hill, white stone museum and many others.

สองวัน หนึ่งคืนที่ มัณฑเลย์
เย็นวันศุกร์ บินสู่ดอนเมือง บินสู่มัณฑเลย์
คืนวันอาทิตย์ บินกลับบไทย บินกลับบ้าน พร้อมความประทับใจไม่รู้ลืม

We have recently dropped all Irrawaddy river cruises from our main itineraries.  We do have some luxury cruises however if they interest you. These cruises are an ideal few days of total relaxation, watching the countryside slowly float past. Please send an email using the contact form.

7 days trip (9 nights) around Myanmar

Start Yangon (dovetails with MY101) Sunday afternoon: 6 hour bus Yangon to Bagan
2 days Bagan at Kaday Aung Hotel
Day 3: Morning bus to Mandalay
Day 5: Morning bus to Inle Lake
Day 7: Evening Bus to Mandalay
Day 8: Early rise train journey Mandalay to Hispaw (Gokh Teik viaduct)
Evening taxi back to Mandalay
Day 9: Morning fly to Bangkok.

7 days trip (6 nights) around Mandalay

Start Mandalay Sunday evening (dovetails with MY102)
Day 1: Morning bus to Inle Lake
Day 4: Morning Bus to Mandalay
Day 5: Early rise train journey Mandalay to Hispaw (Gohk Teik viaduct)
Evening taxi back to Mandalay
Day 6: Morning fly to Bangkok.



1 day sightseeing in Bangkok

3 days sightseeing in Bangkok

3 nights in Chiang Mai

3 nights Au Nang, Thailand

3 nights at Kao Phi Phi, Krabi

2 days jungle tour in Khao Yai National Park

3 days in Chiang Mai



3 nights Hanoi
1 night Halong Bay
7 days Vietnam
2 nights Hoi An
1 night Danang
1 night Royal City Hué
2 nights Ho Chi Minh City

Cruise room

Classic luxury on our cruise ship

Halong BayVN100 2 day, 1 night in Halong Bay
Treat yourself to an overnight Halong Bay cruise, offering the time to enjoy the bay’s magnificent scenery of countless rugged limestone islands. As you cruise through the bay, enjoy traditional Vietnamese and fusion cuisine. Pause for a swim in the azure waters and lay back on one of the secluded beaches scattered throughout the bay. Make the most of your boat’s sundeck and take in the sunset, or join a Tai Chi session held at first light. Combine with a Hanoi tour. This is included in the Spirit Of Vietnam holiday. From US$169 pp.


Halang Bay by airVN101 NEW! 2 Day 1 Night Classic Cruise with Seaplane from Hanoi
A VERY SPECIAL TOUR! Few people have the opportunity to see one of the mist beautiful sights on earth from a plane.

Step aboard a Hai Au Aviation seaplane for a totally new perspective on Halong Bay, with islands scattered in the glittering sea below you. After flying from Hanoi, enjoy a close up view on a 2 day 1 night Halong Bay cruise before returning via another short flight.

Ideal when combined with the full Vietnam tour for the ultimate honeymoon experience. From US$970 pp

VN102 Vietnam Eco Tour
15 days/14 nights

See the world through the eyes of the locals in this unique cultural experience.

  • Experience a homestay in the Tu Ne and Giao Xuan communities.
  • Learn about endangered species rescue and conservation at Cuc Phuong, Cat Ba and Cat Tien National Parks
  • Enjoy a scenic boat cruise in Lan Ha Bay amid karst landscapes
  • Taste Vietnamese cusine at KOTO Hanoi and Bloom Saigon restaurants which provide training for disadvantaged youth
  • Includes Ho Chi Minh and hanoi cities
  • Cu Chi secret tunnels
  • Cuc Phuong National Park
  • Tu Ne – Cuc Phuong National Park