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New Directions in 2017

There have been many political changes in South East Asia during 2016.

King Rama XI passed away in October 2016 and his son will become Rama X one year later.

Thailand is now firmly in the grip of military rule and citizens voted in August 2016 to give the regime unlimited power in passing new directives.

Tourists have limited VISAs now depending on how they enter the country.

A growing number of foreign nationals are being found dead in varying circumstances, particularly around the tourist areas of Pattaya and Hua Hin.

The ASEAN project is under way offering easy cross border travel and free trade between the South East Asian members.  

The Thai baht remains strong, many believe that it is being propped up by neighbouring ‘friends’ and as such the GBP is relatively low, offering poor value for money to tourists.

Due to this instability we no longer consider this a viable country for tourism. We are therefore now focussing on Thailand’s neighbouring countries.

Myanmar is an emerging destination for tourists and when I visited there in October, I was awed by the landscapes, people and how much development is occurring in the major cities. Also tourism is increasing massively, so I would advise you to visit at the earliest opportunity before the old Myanmar changes entirely. As democracy diminishes in Thailand, so it rises in Myanmar, even though the junta still rules.There is still evidence of a British colonial infrastructure and I have every hope for Myanmar as a thriving, economic force on SE Asia.

Vietnam has become a success story. Vietnam is making travelling a simple process with the new one month, free VISAs, Travellers are flocking on to see this accessible and very popular destination.

Malaysia. Another ex British colony that offers a good infrastructure and one that many expats from Thailand are moving to. English is a second language and though Islam is the religion of the country it is very moderate and their society encompasses multi ethnicity. The food is varied and tasty compared to Thailand and prices are similar though most things are of higher quality.

Thais, for now have become affluent over the past thirteen years that I have been in Thailand and now have the travel bug. We have some tours aimed directly at Thais in Thai language at very low prices. Already the weekend trips to Myanmar are proving very popular.

Finally, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016 and hope to see you soon.

Asia Paradise Staff