Welcome to the Asia Paradise website 2016

New Directions in 2016/17

There have been many political changes in South East Asia during this year. The Asean project is under way offering easy cross border travel and free trade between the South East Asian members. Thailand is now in its fourth year of military rule and citizens voted last August to give the regime unlimited power in passing new directives. Tourists have limited VISAs now depending on how they enter the country. However Thailand still has much to offer the tourist *. We are now focusing on two amazing countries in South east Asia, full of cultural wonders and beauty give better value  than Thailand.

Myanmar is an emerging destination for tourists and when I visited there in October, I was awed by the landscapes, people and how much development is occurring in the major cities. Also tourism is increasing massively, so I would advise you to visit at the earliest opportunity before the old Myanmar changes entirely.

Vietnam has become a success story. Vietnam is making travelling a simple process with the new one month, free VISAs, travellers are flocking on to see this accessible and very popular destination.

We still offer some Thai tours, and Bangkok is still one of the cheapest cities to fly to from Europe as it has been the South East Asia hub for a couple of decades. *Check out our Spirit of Thailand tours. But you can now fly direct to Hanoi in Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh City with a growing number of airlines. Flights from worldwide countries are still cheaper t Thailand and we recommend starting at Bangkok, booking a one day tour and escaping to paradise elsewhere.

Many Thais now have the travel bug. We have some tours aimed directly at Thais in Thai language at very low prices. Already the weekend trips to Myanmar are proving very popular.

Finally, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016 and hope to see you soon.

Steve Kyte (former Owner and now Senior Consultant)
Prayat Dowruang (Chief Executive)